Friday, May 11, 2012

Elaine and I went on a walk this evening.  She spent the whole time telling me about her new baby tiger, Tatsely.  He had no mother, so Elaine's sister -- a fairy named Yonga, who lives in a tree house next to our house -- bought Tatsely from the zoo.  Yonga comes into our house by flying down the chimney like Santa.  She knew that Elaine would like Tatsely, and Elaine has indeed been an excellent mamma to her new tiger.  She makes him all his favorite foods and has given him an excellent habitat.  He lives in a rainforest with a garden filled with tulips with clownfish inside them, and he has a pond filled with clownfish as well.  His favorite foods are clownfish milkshakes, fish pie, and fish noodles.  He dreams of fish-watermelon-cake.  His wings -- because, he can definitely fly -- are blue with alternating orange stripes and black polka dots.  Tomorrow, he'll be collecting seeds from all the clownfish hiding in the tulips so that he and Elaine can plant them.

Or... maybe it's the clownfish hiding in the pond...?  and they'll shrink into tiny little seeds?  So that Elaine can plant him a fishtree?

I wish I lived in Elaine's world.