Thursday, December 25, 2014

I seem to remember about this blog on Christmas Eve...

This year, I organized a bunch of my science fiction and space opera stories into three collections:  Welcome to Wespirtech, Beyond Wespirtech, and The Opposite of Memory.  The first two collections are exclusively space opera stories set in my Wespirtech universe -- zany scientists invent crazy things, surrounded by spaceships and aliens.  Imagine Caltech in space.  The third collection features a wider range of science-fiction styles -- near future stories involving memory drugs; surreal pieces; and a few Wespirtech stories -- but they all have to do with the intersection of science, technology, and humanity.

For the next week, until New Year's, you can download Welcome to Wespirtech for free from Smashwords with the following coupon code:  BR87B

And, because it's the holidays, you can also get my novel, Otters In Space, with this code:  DF87E

If you do read either of them, please consider leaving a review.  Thank you, and happy holidays!