Sunday, October 20, 2013

Elaine has been reading Calvin and Hobbes, a rich source of inspiration.  While we were in California, she built her own duplicator which filled up most of the hallway.  This afternoon, she set up a box outside labelled "Great Ideas, 200 cents, 4 Sale."

I've read Calvin and Hobbes, too.  So, before engaging in the haggling process, I first asked:  "The great idea isn't 'Buy another great idea!,' right?"

Elaine agreed that it was not.

I offered 25 cents.

She agreed and told me my new, freshly purchased, great idea:

"Go outside sometime and look for as many things in your favorite color as you can find."

My favorite color is green.  I looked around and saw a lawn, several trees, a shrub, and a whole bunch of other plants in my favorite color. They weren't very hard to find.  Nonetheless, I said, "Maybe we'll go on a walk sometime and do that."

Elaine explained that her favorite color is blue, so she can always look up at the sky and find at least one thing in her favorite color.  Her favorite color changes a lot -- it used to be magenta.  Before that, it was "all the colors of the rainbow."  This month, it's blue.  And, today, the sky is indeed a beautiful blue.