Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tomorrow I leave for Rainfurrest!  As usual, they're keeping me busy.  I'm doing ten panels over the four days.  If you want to find me, here's my schedule:

Childrens, Young Adult, and Adult Writing
Thursday, 3pm

Writing Exercises and Tools
Thursday, 9pm

Furry Characters in a Non-Furry Setting
Friday, 10am

Writing for Beginners (2)
Saturday, 9am 
A Reading and Q&A with Mary Lowd
Saturday, 11am

Comedy, Tragedy, Action, Romance
Saturday, 2pm

Fiction vs. Fan-Fiction
Saturday, 8pm

There's a Line... and You've Crossed It
Sunday, 9am 
The Mystical Magical Marvelous Magnificent Mary Sue!
Sunday, 10am

Collaboration in Writing
Sunday, 3pm

I should have some excellent co-panelists.  I'm particularly looking forward to doing a panel with Phil Geusz for the first time and my fellow Wordo, Garrett Marco, who was invaluable when I was editing Otters In Space 2.  It looks like a really strong writing track this year.