Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Elaine's passion for raisins was short lived, and, now, she can't abide them. Like me, she will manage to avoid each and every raisin, even if they're hidden in another food. It'll be interesting to see if her dislike of them is as short lived as her love of them, or if she's going to share my life-long loathing of the hideous things.

In other culinary news, our favorite local Thai restaurant is obstinately on vacation. So far, we've had to replace them with Thai food from the mall -- which might have been better if we'd ordered better -- and Indian take-out which is delicious, but not Thai. I miss Chang Thai, and I hope their vacation is over soon.

On the writing front, I may have actually figured out the plot for "Hot Chocolate For The Unicorn." I wrote the first few pages of this story six or seven years ago, and I've poked at it numerous times since then but I've never managed to figure out a story that will work inside the frame. It's such an odd combination of mainstream and High Fantasy. The goal is to make the actual story magical realism, but it's very tricky to balance it there given the diverging restraints placed on it by the frame.

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  1. Maybe they just go on an annual vacation? Closed about the same time this year...