Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I've been really feeling the fact that I'm working two jobs lately. Writing never felt like it took much time when I had all day every day to do it. I always felt like I was cheating a little when I claimed to be "writing full-time." In actuality, I was writing for fifteen to thirty minutes a day. The rest of the time, I was -- maybe -- world-building or outlining. Maybe. 'Cause, you can't really do that for eight hours a day either.

Watching Elaine, however, really does take all day. All day, every day. So, even if writing "full-time" is more like half-time, that's now being added to a job and a half's worth of watching Elaine. Fortunately -- as I expected --, watching Elaine does dovetail beautifully with the outlining and world-building parts of writing. The actual writing and editing... I have to fight for that. Often it's a choice between an extra hour of sleep or time to work on a couple projects before going to bed. I've been sort of alternating between the two. Last night, I chose writing. Given how excited I am about the new short story I started this week and the fact that I'm about to start the second part (of six) of "Nawry the Noodlebeast," I suspect I'll chose writing again tonight.

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