Saturday, October 3, 2009

A bigger house requires more cats to be properly cat-saturated than a smaller house. So, since our new house is about a third larger than the house we were renting in Seattle, we needed ~30% more cat after moving here.

A few visits to the local humane society turned up a three-month-old torbie kitten who seemed appropriately intense, intelligent, and independent (for me) as well as mellow (for surviving my dogs, two-year-old, and older cats). I named her Kelly for the classic song "Don't Fence Me In." And, this time, I thought for sure that I'd picked out a kitten that would love me best.

My first kitten -- Heidi -- is too zen to have a favorite human. My second kitten -- Theresa -- is definitely the kind of cat with a favorite person. Unfortunately, Heidi turned out to be that person. For Kelly, that person is Elaine. Yes, the two-year-old. The two-year-old who drags her about by the middle, grabbing her paws and poking her ears while shouting, "Tawry! Hold Tawry!" (That's how she pronounces "Kelly.")

I tried to protect my brand-new, delicate, little kitten at first. Then it became clear that she liked it. She seeks Elaine out. In fact, Elaine and Kelly are so close that getting Kelly is now part of Elaine's bedtime routine. Because Kelly seriously lets Elaine hold her like a stuffed animal until she falls asleep.

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