Friday, November 27, 2009

Two weeks ago, I was struck by a brilliant idea. I was stuck on my novel, "Otters In Space 2," and I was feeling downhearted about the prospects for sending "Otters In Space 1" around the agent and publisher slush piles out there. So, I thought, why not create something entirely different? Something that can be published straight to the internet (not to be too cliche here, but...) like Dr. Horrible and The Guild? Of course, I have no actors...

Or do I!??!?

Actually, it turns out that I have some very fine actors. Canine actors. And, swathed in duct tape, Trudy and Quinn make some very fine SPACE HOUNDS.

So, I have been very busy, building sets, making costumes, giving my actors some last minute obedience training, and, oh yeah, learning how to use an entirely new piece of photo-managing software. But, the hard work has all paid off, and I am now using my precious vacation time at Orycon to make SPACE HOUNDS! live.

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