Thursday, May 31, 2007

Since the house is empty of crazy amounts of people now, I'm filling it in with the first season of Lost. I checked it out from the library. Anyway, I've heard that people are starting to feel disappointed with the current seasons of Lost because it's becoming more and more clear that the writers don't have any real plan or direction for the show. Now, admittedly, the fact that I've heard that probably biases me. However, I find it surprising that people are surprised to find that Lost is... well... lost. I mean, it's reasonably compelling, but it felt pretty directionless to me straight off the bat.

My theory is that Lost is one of a new phase of shows that is made to mimic reality TV. (The Office is another.) So, yeah, the characters are meandering around meaninglessly interacting with each other, but, apparently, that's what people like to watch these days. At least Lost bothers to employ writers and actors, meaning that the dialogue is more clever and the performances are more subtle and powerful. But, basically, it's Survivor.

(Caveat: I haven't actually watched Survivor.)

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