Saturday, April 5, 2008

Under the influence of a great deal of caffeine (Daniel thought it would be a good idea to get two massive coffee drinks -- one hot, one cold -- and pass them back and forth, alternating sips), I happened upon a wonderfully trippy concept. I call it Doctor Battlestargatekawood. See, those are the sci-fi shows I'm somewhat actively watching these days, and the idea (oh the trippiness!) would be to take them all and (I'm not sure how one could actually accomplish this...) put them on *shuffle*. Oh yes. And I'm not talking about entire episodes -- I'm talking about watching one scene from Stargate followed by one scene from Battlestar Galactica followed by one scene from Eureka... and so on... and so on...

Of course, ideally, you'd have more than just Doctor Who, Battlestar Galactic, Stargate, Eureka, and Torchwood in the mix -- for starters, you'd need all the Star Treks, Babylon 5 (which I still need to see), and Farscape. I'd be really curious to see how long such a video concoction could actually hold my interest.

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