Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The light of Elaine's life is an escalator. Any escalator. When she sees them, she wants only to be on them. If she can't be on them... Well, that's not so much fun for anyone. I figure that the intensity of Elaine's love will wane over time, but in the hope of expediting that process I took her to Fred Meyer tonight and let her ride to her heart's content.

After fifteen loops (once up and once down, so thirty total rides), Elaine switched to the non-motorized stairs. A couple more trips like that should do the trick. I just wish I'd known to start the process before going to Orycon -- where there were a lot of escalators. I don't mind riding escalators with my munchkin, but at Orycon... Well, there were so many other things to do!

I did manage to make it to several panels a day anyway, and Daniel and I spent a long time hanging out listening to the filk circles. The songs were widely varied, but some of them were amazing. Bits of them keep churning up in my brain and getting stuck in my head, days after the fact. Filk flotsam. Next time, Daniel plans to bring his guitar so he can do some singing too.

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