Friday, June 29, 2007

I have decided that cashews are my favorite nut.

My dad loves pistachios, and I like pistachio ice cream. However, I think I like the artificial pistachio flavor, because I was not so crazy about the really high quality Haagen Dazs pistachio ice cream that actually tasted like pistachios.

And, I do like almond flavoring in all kinds of things... but that's because it tastes like maraschino cherries. (Which were invented in my home town and generally don't taste right in California.)

And there's no better flavor to add to hot chocolate than hazelnut. Not to mention that the trees are lovely and grow all over in Oregon.

And, of course, macadamia nuts can be particularly tastey covered in chocolate. Also, I do think of them as having the most sfik, nutwise.

And, to be fair, peanuts are by far the most useful. But who ever picked a favorite based on what's most useful?

No, when it comes to eating them straight -- no chocolate covering, no honey roasting, not baked into anything, nor extracted and turned into a flavor -- then I choose cashews.

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