Friday, June 22, 2007

Winterson and I were talking about his plans for research and paper writing on the way down to Oregon for the weekend, and his ambitions pushed me into reevaluating some of my own. I've been working very slowly but steadily on my novel for the last five months, hoping to finish it before Tanaris arrives -- or at least hit 40,000 words. Well, I should hit 40,000 words within the next few days, however, I'm probably still 10,000 away from the end of the storyline. Between the snail's pace I'm writing at and the five weeks until Tanaris is due -- there's no way I'll finish. I've known that for a while, and I've been accepting it, figuring I'll just continue my snail's pace after Tanaris is born.

But, like I said, talking to Winterson got me rethinking that plan. If I revved up my speed... Planned on burning myself out... Well, maybe I could actually finish my novel before Tanaris is born. I'd be writing much faster than is long-term maintainable for me, but a break after finishing a novel isn't such a bad idea anyway.

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