Thursday, February 28, 2008

Few people know what grapefruit actually tastes like. They know what grapefruit peel and membranes taste like. Very bitter. No wonder people think grapefruits need sugar sprinkled on them. Well, they don't. And that's coming from someone who puts three and a half spoons of sugar in her tea. (Two and a half if it's herbal.)

There is only one correct way to eat a grapefruit. First peel it, then remove the membrane from every section, so that you eat only the actual fruit. Ideally, the sections should be eaten one at a time as they're peeled. For bonus points, they should be fed directly into the waiting mouth of an eager, barely patient child.

This process is one of the best things I learned from my dad. And, today, for the first time, I got to do it right. Thank goodness my daughter likes grapefruit.

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