Monday, February 4, 2008

Having a corporeal aspect to my existence feels a little like living in a giant mecha with a limited, not very good, but sort of functional AI. As long as nothing goes too wrong, I can let the AI be in charge. Sure, the mecha will bump into things and be kind of stupid and clumsy, but it will basically work. Of course, there are also panels and panels of controls, and, if anything goes wrong -- or I get tired of bumping into things -- I'm free to take over manual control. The catch is that I haven't taken any training courses on how to run the mecha and there's not much of an instruction manual and it's really, really complicated. So, chances are, I'll do a worse job than the limited AI. With practice and a great deal of concentration I may improve, but, even then, I don't do a whole lot better than the AI because I just don't seem to have an aptitude for driving this thing. (This is all a very fancy way to say that I'm clumsy.)

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