Saturday, September 13, 2008

Elaine's sleep schedule has been drifting lately, and it's been difficult to get her to fall asleep at anything like a reasonable time. So, tonight, I tried something different. I showed her various youtube videos of the presidential candidates. It was interesting enough to keep her from getting restless, boring enough to keep her from getting excited, and just barely interesting enough to keep my brain from dripping out of my ears. (An earlier compromise -- watching huge NASA photos download a few lines at a time -- met the first two of those criteria, unfortunately not the third.)

I've tried to stay away from this election, since it doesn't take much information to make my decision and I learned last time around that my decision doesn't count for much. However, it was interesting to actually see how each of these candidates holds himself. I was quite impressed with how Obama managed to keep his cool and remain coherent and articulate in the videos I watched. McCain, however, is deeply worrisome. He strikes me as vaguely evil and senile.

Well, hopefully, things will go better this November...

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