Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I faced a moment of panic earlier this evening: my rickroll bookmark was broken. The video had been removed. As it turns out, there are still several other copies of "Never Gonna Give You Up" floating around youtube, but one moment of heart-stopping panic was enough for me.

Just two nights ago, Elaine was up with teething pain and -- at her request -- had me repeatedly rickrolling her, until (a good half dozen rickrolls later) she was able to fall asleep again. That was the only thing that could stop her crying. I can't afford to face the possibility that "Never Gonna Give You Up" could completely disappear from the internet. Not without a backup copy.

Fortunately, it turns out that there's a dvd of Rick Astley music videos. And, while Amazon in the US doesn't directly carry it, there was one "used & new" copy. With that, we'll be able to rickroll the baby even with the internet down and the power out. (As long as Daniel's laptop still has batteries.)

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