Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Mecca closed today. And I failed to make it to a record store at midnight to buy the new Brian Wilson album. High-school-me would be heartbroken. Current-me is okay, but kind of tired.

In my more immediate world, it was a pretty good day. We had s'more-cakes for breakfast. They weren't the smashing success I expected, but they were every bit as good as chocolate chip pancakes. In fact, once the marshmallows melted down to shiny smears of sugar, that's essentially what they were. If there's a "next time" for s'more-cakes, then we'll try freezing the mini-marshmallows ahead of time. Hopefully, that'll keep them from melting. Keep them fluffy.

The other big activity for the day was finding spaceship parts. We went to a giant Goodwill outlet store. Their bins of used things were sold by the pound, so I leaned heavily towards aluminum in picking shiny, strangely shaped objects to adorn my spaceship. Now I just need to find a spaceship hull to attach them all to... Then I can work on assembling it.

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