Sunday, September 21, 2008

We kicked off the holiday season this Friday with one of the most under-rated holidays of the year: International Talk Like A Pirate Day. We've only been celebrating TLAPD for about three years now. Usually, I go against everything the founders of the holiday stand for and, instead of actually talking like a pirate, I only dress up like a pirate. Which is easier. And very fun.

This year, however, I was a little brave and did some talking like a pirate. Mostly, though, we all put on our finest pirate regalia and hit the waterfront. We picked up clams'n'chips at the walk-up IvARRRs and ate them while looking out over the water. Then, we topped off the evening with bananas foster. Next year, perhaps we'll plan far enough ahead to make the bananas foster with actual rum. This year, we made up for the lack by adding crushed pineapple. It turned out pretty well and felt fairly pirate-y.

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